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Funky Barn – Nintendo Wii U Reviews

Author Gamer posted on Jan 08 2014

Funky Barn – Nintendo Wii U

Funky Barn - Nintendo Wii U

  • Raise your usual and not-so-usual farm animals: From modest beginnings, caring for a single fluffy chick, slowly develop your farm and prove that you can take care of your animals to unlock new types and breeds of animals.
  • Over-the-top personalities: Each type of animal has its own traits and quirks, so be sure to keep an eye on them all if you want to run a successful farm! Only by keeping your animals happy can you successfully grow your farm!
  • Customise your animals from top to tail: Change the name and even the look of your animals! Want to name your sheep after the members of ‘One Direction’? Go for it!
  • Everyone needs a little TLC: New in the Wii U version of Funky Barn is the ability to interact with your animals, one on one. Make your animals’ day with some hands-on petting and attention.

Slap on your straw hat and grubbiest coveralls and take hold of your Wii U GamePad – it’s time to get your hands dirty! Devote yourself to your own slice of lush countryside and take up the challenge of creating a beautiful farmland full of animals, crops, trees and more then develop it into the craziest, most offbeat farm imaginable, overflowing with the whackiest contraptions and goofiest gizmos you and your animals have ever seen! This is not your ordinary farm It’s your farm – and it’s like no farm you’ve seen before!

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